The Google Docs Cheat Sheet

10-page ebook and reference guide for Google Docs

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Ready to improve your skills with Google Docs?

In this handy, Google Docs reference guide, you will get access to beautiful screenshots of all the main features of Google Docs.

This is a great reference guide for experienced users, and a fabulous tutorial to help new users learn the basics of Google Docs.

What’s Included in the Google Docs Cheat Sheet?

  • Screenshots and an explanation of Google Docs’ main features, including:
    • How to make a copy
    • Version history
    • Downloading
    • Publish to the Web
    • Inserting images, tables, drawings, equations, headers, footers, and page numbers
    • Spell check
    • Explore tool
    • Dictionary
    • Voice typing
    • Preferences
    • Toolbars
  • Google Docs keyboard shortcuts
  • Google Docs resources
  • Google Docs tips
  • 10 FULL pages of screenshots and tips!

Sample Page

Here’s a sample page to give you an idea of the quality and content. Keep in mind, the ebook contains 10-pages!

Google Docs Cheat Sheet

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